Green Spaces Are Not Just Good for Your Mind

Getting back to nature are good for both you mind and your body.

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Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash
  • Green spaces are also good for your physical health. But what about your physical well-being? Research published in Scientific Reports finds people who spend at least two hours per week in nature are more likely to report that they are in good health. They also have better psychological well-being compared with those who don’t get any exposure at all. Positive results peaked at 200–300 minutes/week, and it didn’t matter how subjects divided the 120-minute dose of nature — whether a long 2-hour walk or several shorter ones, the results were the same.
  • Mix it with a little dirt, and voila! Microbes that are present in soil may be right for you, according to two studies. Specifically, exposure to Mycobacterium vaccae — a harmless and common soil bacterium — has been found to have positive effects on the human body.

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