Agree with your observations. I look forward to writing about indigenous tribes (including in South America) who optimize cardiovascular function through a combo of good, plant-based diets and remarkable volumes of simply walking/foraging. I meet my patients first where they are; what I mean is that for those who do minimal physical activity, even simply standing once an hour can provide value. For cancer risk-reduction, the American Cancer Society suggests 150 minutes/week of the equivalent of a brisk walk (e.g. 30 mins, 5 days/week). I think for optimal cardiovascular function, I aim for 250 mins or more. My point was not to get folks to do less, but to remind us all that any movement can provide benefit. Thank you for your astute observations. My previous blogs have (perhaps more repetitively than many would like) looked at recommended levels of physical activity. And don't forget the balance work! Again, thanks for joining.

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I have degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Penn. I am a radiation oncologist in the Seattle area. You may find me regularly posting at

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